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This "eHealth for citizen" portal has been developed within the
"ICT for Health" project.
The project was started in January 2010 and will end in December 2012. Nineteen partners from eight countries (Denmark, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Sweden) participate in "ICT for Health".
The "ICT for Health" project is part-financed by the EU Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 (European Regional Development Fund).

Our objective

Better acceptance of ICT in health care
Even if everyone were to have access to basic information and communication (ICT) technology, such as mobile phones and personal computers, the use of ICT in health care is not self-evident. The acceptance of eHealth is varying among both citizens and medical professionals. Without general acceptance of eHealth, the continued generation of innovative health care technologies is not possible. Thus, the overall objective of the ICT for Health project is to persuade citizens with chronic diseases and medical professionals in the partner regions to more readily accept eHealth, and to have the capacity and knowledge to use eHealth technologies in prevention and treatment.
To read more about the "ICT for Health" project, please visit our website: www.ictforhealth.net

Video of our project meeting in Finland
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Video of our project meeting in Finland, June 2011
From June 28 to 30, 2011 about 45 project members discussed in a meeting in Finland how to strengthen the acceptance of eHealth.
The video is available in Finnish with English subtitles. 

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