How to get involved?

You are welcome to use the introduced free-of-charge services of this website, such as SALUDA or VIVAPORT. If you are furthermore interested in using telemedicine solutions such as telemonitoring, we recommend to contact

  • your health professionals,
    i.e. GP, specialists
  • your hospital 
  • your insurance company or
  • your regional council
    (depending on your country)

and ask them about eHealth possibilities in your specific case. The prevalence of eHealth solutions differs among the various countries and partly on the regional level, with many solutions still in project status and not widely implemented. You can find detailed information on the status of your home country in comparison to other European countries in the
Euro Health Consumer Index 2012.
Explicit information about the status and strategies concerning eHealth can also be found in the "eHealth Strategies" published by the EU.

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